Can Zakat Be Given To Non Muslims?

Zakat is a religious obligation for Muslims. It is the practice of giving a portion of one’s wealth to those in need. In many Muslim communities, zakat is considered an act of worship, as it can be seen as a way to demonstrate piety and humility. But who are the recipients of zakat? Can non-Muslims receive zakat? Let’s take a closer look at zakat and its recipients.

Can Zakat Be Given To Non Muslims?

Who Are the Recipients?

The Qur’an outlines 8 categories who qualify as recipients for zakat donations, known as “ashab al-furud”. These are people who are in need due to poverty or lack of resources. These categories include:

  1. The Poor – those who cannot provide for themselves;
  2. The Needy – those who have difficulty providing for themselves;
  3. The Collectors – those responsible for receiving and distributing funds;
  4. Those Whose Hearts Are To Be Reconciled – those whose hearts can be won over with generosity;
  5. Those in Captivity – captives or slaves;
  6. Those in Debt – debtors who owe more than they can pay back;
  7. Those Fighting in the Cause Of Allah – fighters engaged in charitable efforts on behalf of God;
  8. Travellers Stranded – travellers stranded due to lack of resources.

Can Non-Muslims Receive Zakat?

The answer is yes! All eight categories outlined by the Quran are open to non-Muslims alike as long as they meet all other criteria required by Islamic law regarding zakat donations.

In fact, some Islamic scholars argue that Zakat should prioritise non-Muslim recipients over Muslims since this demonstrates compassion towards all members of society regardless of faith or background. This shows how Islamic values are based on fairness and justice, even if it means going beyond traditional boundaries set by religion or culture.


Zakat is an important part of Islam, but it doesn’t just benefit Muslims alone—it benefits all members within society regardless of religion or background. The eight categories outlined by the Quran show that anyone who meets the criteria outlined by Islamic law regarding zakat donations can receive them—including non-Muslims alike! This demonstrates how Islamic values promote fairness and justice across all members within society regardless faith or culture—a noble goal indeed!

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