Do I have to Pay Zakat On Gold Every Year

The short answer is yes, you can give Zakat without telling. In the Islamic faith, there is a principle of charity known as Sadaqah or Zakat which requires that one gives a portion of their wealth for charitable purposes.

According to Islam, it’s better to practice voluntary giving in secret and avoid disclosing your donations in an attempt to seek praise or approval from people. Giving silently not only helps you stay away from bragging or showing off but also let us focus on pleasing Allah rather than people around us because being kind and generous are signs of piety regardless of whether they are famous or unknown acts. So the truth is that there’s no written rule which says we cannot give anonymously – it’s up to you how much publicity you want!

Do I have to Pay Zakat On Gold Every Year

However, it has been reported by Sahih Bukhari (one of the most important collections of Hadith) that Prophet Muhammad has said “A person who gives charity secretly and his left hand does not know what his right hand gave out will get double reward.” This means that if someone gives zakat in secret then they will be rewarded even more generously!


In conclusion, while disclosure brings tangible rewards like recognition and admiration from others; concealed giving satisfies spiritual needs such as earning God’s love along with inner peace. So go ahead and give Zakat privately if desired – just make sure you fulfill your duties towards God first before seeking any other forms of reward!

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